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Feel the vibrations wearing Tunes To Wear Vibe Dye Clothing

Tunes To Wear is a clothing brand using music-visualization to generate colorful psychedelic designs for our cool and comfortable casual active wear we call Vibe Dye Clothing. These designs will vibrate your body and soul showing a real fashion statement. Imagine wearing clothing that's hand-crafted and designed by creative and inspiring music. When someone says to you; "Wow, that's a cool design," you can tell them which tune you're wearing!

"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe" - Lao Tzu

Listen to the tune - Reality Crash

Reality Crash is the second tune from Jah Wobble and Marconi Unions album Anomic. It has a great groove driven by Jah Wobble's bass-line and Marconi Unions electronics. You can listen to the tune below and click here to see how the design came about...


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